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The AltersTraumaRegister DGU started in January 2016 and has now been in regular operation for some time. Most of the AltersTraumaZentrum DGU® are located in Germany, but hospitals from Switzerland are also certified.

By now, sufficient data are available so that the first scientific evaluations on selected research topics could be started.

In November 2019, the annual hospital reports have been distributed to the participating hospitals for the third time. As in the TraumaRegister, these quality reports are generated from the recorded registry data and contribute to the optimisation of patient care.

The general annual report (in German) on the overall registry can be found further down on our start page or under “Downloads”.

AltersTraumaRegister DGU in brief


AltersTraumaRegister DGU was founded by the German Trauma Society (DGU). Since 1 January 2016 it has been available to all hospitals certified as AltersTraumaZentrum DGU.

Patient cohort and inclusion criteria

All patients from the age of 70 years with a coxal femur fracture inclusive periprosthetic and peri-implant femur fractures who therefore need surgery.

Documentation and data set

Standardised documentation in a central database. The data are collected from five consecutive phases: Admission, pre-OP, surgery, 1st post-OP week and discharge / transfer. Furthermore, a follow-up is scheduled for day 120 after surgery and additionally on day 7 and day 120 after surgery, the health-related quality of life is queried with the EQ-5D questionnaire.

Case load

Nearly 25,000 completed acute cases from about 100 geriatric trauma centres (status 11/2020)

Participating hospitals

Prerequisite for participation in AltersTraumaRegister DGU is a successful certification as an AltersTraumaZentrum DGU. Data entry is mandatory for every certified hospital.

Participating countries

Geriatric trauma centres from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Hospitals in other European countries are to follow soon.

Annual report

As with the TraumaRegister DGU, an annual report is prepared for each participating hospital. This should not only provide detailed information on the own hospital’s patient care, but also enable a comparison of the own data with those of the entire registry and thus contribute to assessing the own quality (Benchmarking).

Data management, infrastructure and operation

Technical and organisational development as well as the continuous operation of the registry including data management and statistical analyses is provided by AUC - Academy for Trauma Surgery.

Here you will find the current data entry sheet in the version of 2017

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AltersTraumaRegister DGU

AlterTraumaRegister DGU® supports all certified AlterTraumaZentrum DGU® in quality-assured treatment.


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